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Lantern Ring

The Lantern Ring in a Best Submerged slurry pump is a common device used to maintain the sealing performance and cooling effect of the pump

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Product introduction

The Lantern Ring in a Best Submerged slurry pump is a common device used to maintain the sealing performance and cooling effect of the pump. In this device, the turbine shaft passes through the lantern ring, so the lantern ring is placed in the pump housing and the seal is between the front and rear of the turbine.
Its main functions include:
Seal: Lantern rings are designed to maintain the seal of the pump.    It assists in the formation of a liquid packer that prevents fluid from leaking out of the pump and reduces the risk of leakage.
Cooling: The lantern ring also helps components within the pump, such as seals and bearings, maintain the proper temperature. Providing a coolant flow path helps to reduce the temperature of the components and reduce friction and wear, thereby extending the service life of the equipment.
Lantern Ring plays a key role in quality Submerged slurry pump products, helping to maintain the seal performance of the pump and to maintain the normal operating temperature of the pump components.

Production capacity

The total design and production capacity of our factory is 10,000 units (sets) per year, and we can produce 2,000 tons of various high-chromium alloy castings annually. The production area currently includes the following production zones. Namely:casting workshop, heat treatment workshop, machining workshop, metal forming and welding workshop,assembly and painting workshop, spare parts warehouse and finished parts warehouse; Two centers:quality inspection and analysis center and the overall hydraulic test center. 

Our products are mainly made of high-chromium wear-resistant white cast iron such as A05, A07, A49, A33, etc. The product development and process formulation all adopt CFD and CAPP new technologies. All castings use resin sand molding and newly introduced lost foam casting technology, which can pour 8-10 tons of castings at one time. The heat treatment workshop has two 20 cubic electric resistance heat treatment furnaces, and the machining shop has two large vertical lathes of 4.2M and 4.5M and more than 20 other types of machine tools. In addition,there are various types of hoisting equipment,metal cutting and welding equipment,impeller level tuning equipment,molding equipment,sandblasting polishing equipment.

Our main products includes a full range of slurry pumps, desulfurization pumps, gravel pumps, dredging pumps, foam pumps, chemical process pumps, PU rubber slurry pumps, and other dozens of varieties, hundreds of models.Widely used in mining (mineral processing), metallurgy, coal, power plant, flue gas desulfurization, silt dredging, sewage treatment industries, chemicals, municipal and environmental protection and so on.

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