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How to Choose the Right Customized Pump Casing/Liner Material for High-Temperature Applications

Choosing the right customized pump casing/liner material is critical to pump performance and life. Here are some tips for choosing the right pump casing and liner:
Fluid characteristics: It is important to understand the properties of the fluid being transported, such as the viscosity, temperature, pressure, and corrosion of the fluid, in order to select a customized pump casing/liner material that can withstand the fluid characteristics.
pump type and size: Different types of pumps (such as centrifugal pumps, plunger pumps, etc.) need to be matched with different types and sizes of customized pump casing/liners to ensure that they can be installed correctly and work efficiently.
Wear resistance: Considering the possibility of particulate matter or wear in the conveying fluid, choose a customized pump casing/liner material with good wear resistance to ensure long-term stable operation of the pump.
Temperature and pressure: Select high-temperature and high-pressure resistant customized pump casing/liner material based on the temperature and pressure of the fluid to ensure safe and reliable operation.
Cost and ease of maintenance: Consider customized pump casing/liner life, maintenance costs, and ease of replacement to balance cost and performance.
When selecting customized pump casing/liner material, it is recommended to speak to the pump supplier for professional advice and support to ensure that the right product is selected to maximize pump performance.

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