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Centrifugal Slurry Pump Comprehensive Introduction

Slurry pump is a type of centrifugal pump designed for pumping liquid containing solid particles. such as particles of sand and gravel through a liquid medium. The design of the pump allows it to increase pressure so that the slurry can be moved long distances or up vertical inclines.Slurry pumps are widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal washing, power plants, sewage water treatment, dredging, and chemical and petroleum industries.Additionally, they also can be used in wastewater treatment operations.

The main components of a slurry pump include the volute casing, impeller, back plate,shaft, sealing system, base plate and motor or engine.

Volute casing

The volute casing is a curved funnel that collects and directs the flow of the pumped material. This part is typically made of hard-wearing materials such as chrome alloy iron to bear the slurry’s high pressures and abrasive nature.


The impeller is a rotating component that pushes the liquid forward and out of the volute casing. It can be made from hard-wearing materials like chrome alloy iron or anti-abrasive
materials such as flexible rubber or PU.

Back plate

The back plate is a smooth cover plate that form a seal cavity with the volute casing.It can be made from hard-wearing materials like chrome alloy iron or anti-abrasive and anti-corrosive materials.


The shaft connects the impeller to the motor or engine. It is mainly made of high-strength materials such as stainless steel to withstand the high stresses and torque generated by a powerful slurry pump.

Sealing system

The sealing mechanism can prevent leakage of the slurry around the impeller. It typically consists of a series of mechanical or hydraulic seals designed to move flexibly with the flow of the pumped material. This helps prevent damage and wear on the seals.


The motor or engine is the powering connected with the slurry pump,which is typically located at the pump’s base. According to the application’s needs, it can be an electric motor or a diesel engine.

The working principal of a slurry pump is: using the kinetic energy of a rotating impeller to increase the pressure and flow rate of the fluid. The liquid enters the volute casing and then accelerates it passes through each stage.The pressure increase continuously and the slurry is forced out from the volute casing discharge outlet by centrifugal action at high velocity . This pressure forces solids particles suspended in the liquid to be drawn into and carried along with its flow stream.

Centrifugal Slurry Pump Comprehensive Introduction

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